Local snack company hits a home run with citywide, family-friendly scavenger hunt Saturday April 29, 2017

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – When Guy’s Snacks learned that MLB player Jason Hammel was told he should eat potato chips by his team doctor when he played for the Chicago Cubs last year and was traded to Kansas City, it was like a gift from heaven! Now, Hammel eats Guy’s Chips, of course, and his favorite flavor is barbecue.

To celebrate Hammel’s arrival in Kansas City and to help him get to know the community landmarks, Guy’s has arranged for a citywide scavenger hunt Saturday, April 29 starting at 8 a.m. for fans of Guy’s Chips as well as Royals supporters.

“Guy’s has a long history with the Royals where our product was sold for many years and our customers remember so fondly our association with the baseball team. So this is an exciting partnership for us,” said Janine Joslin, owner of Guy’s Snacks.

The prize for one winner for Saturday’s Go Get the Guy’s Scavenger Hunt is:

  • Free Guy’s Chips for a year
  • 4 tickets to a Royals home game
  • 2 autographed baseballs and a Royals hat
  • Special visit to batting practice on the field before the game and a chance to meet Jason Hammel at a home game
  • 4 T-shirts from Charlie Hustle
  • Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch

The first clue will be posted at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 29 on Guy’s Snacks Facebook page, website, and Twitter page. The clue will describe one location in KC and hunt participants are encourage to go to that location as quickly as possible to receive the next clue. Guy’s representatives will be stationed at the first location waiting for #GuysHunt teams and individuals to arrive.

At that time, a page of clues will be distributed to all participating in the hunt and they will be asked to take their photos at five more locations and post on a social media platform of their choice using the hashtag #GuysHunt. (@HammelTime39 on Twitter and @HammelTime39 on Instagram will feature info on the Scavenger Hunt too!)

To win the grand prize, the winner must be the first person to successfully prove he or she was at all six locations by showing the photos to the Guy’s staff waiting at the final hunt stop and prove he or she posted the photos to social media using the hashtag within the timeframe.

As a consolation prize (which is a free bag of chips), you must simply finish the hunt before noon on Saturday and show the photos and hashtags.


  • Individuals or teams may enter, but there is only one grand prize and must be shared with your team.
  • Early bird gets the worm – first individual or team making it to the final location wins (photos will be verified).
  • Everyone can be a winner – free bag of chips to everyone who finishes the hunt before noon.
  • Guy’s Snacks is not responsible for damages, injuries or fines to win the #GuysHunt KC Scavenger Hunt and does not advocate speeding or breaking laws. Please be safe! Running is allowed! 🙂
  • Must be 16 to participate. Children can be a part of the team with adult team members. Families and teen groups are encouraged to participate!
  • Cars are a must for this scavenger hunt. Although the clues will be central to Kansas City, they are not within walking distance and the entire city is invited to participate.

About Guy’s Snacks: The company first started in 1938 by Guy and Frances Caldwell as “Guy’s Nut and Candy Company” to sell roasted peanuts throughout Kansas City. Guy’s has a retained a special place in the hearts of many locals throughout the years. Still best-known for its barbecue-flavored chips, which is one of 10 potato-chip products manufactured under the Guy’s label, this Overland Park, Kansas-based business has snack products in grocery stores in seven states and online at

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